321: Fast Comics Anthology Kickstarter campaign – last days

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Bringing together a dream team of Brazilian comic artists, critically acclaimed series is making its’ world wide debut thanks to Kickstarter and your pledge. You can still pledge for a few days!

321: Fast Comics is an anthology of short comic book stories illustrated by an impressive cast of guest artists that includes professionals that have worked on top titles for Marvel, DC, Image, Darkhorse, Dynamite and other publishers.
Through a very creative and challenging storytelling formula, Felipe Cagno has crafted over twenty stories toying with different genres from fantasy to steampunk, from western to sci-fi, from daily life to adventure, and many more.
The project is on Kickstarter aiming to raise the funds to pay for printing and distributing of the book and the exclusive rewards. The campaign will end on February 23rd and is already welcoming pledges.
After a successful digital release through Comixology, it was time to publish the book in the United States, fully in English, and with the top-notch graphic quality from its’ counterpart in Brazil.

Felipe, who recently won one of the most prestigious comic book awards in Brazil as Best Writer for this project, took a camera exercise from his filmmaking classes at Chapman University and adapted it into comic book format where every story had to always respect three storytelling rules:

  • 3 Pages
  • 2 Characters
  • 1 Twist Ending

With these in place, anything was fair game and the result is a book collecting stories that surprise, excite, scare and introduce characters that are much bigger than their short tales.

To learn more about the 321: Fast Comics Kickstarter campaign, please visit this link or check out their official Facebook page where you can follow up on the Guest Artists announcements for the second volume and exclusive previews of what’s in store for the project this upcoming year.

An exclusive digital copy for your eyes only can be downloaded in PDF format here, instructions on the link.

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