VIECC Vienna Comic Con 2016 is celebrating 70 years of Lucky Luke with Achdé

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Legendary Comic artist Achdé will join VIECC Vienna Comic Con

VIENNA (April 15, 2016). – The second edition of VIECC Vienna Comic Con (November 19-20, 2016) will celebrate this year’s 70th anniversary of Lucky Luke in style and in presence of legendary French comic book writer and artist Achdé (Hervé Darmenton).

The Lucky Luke comic series was created by Belgian cartoonist Morris back in 1946 and is one of the best-known and best-selling comic series. It features the titular Lucky Luke, a cowboy known as the “man who shoots faster than his shadow”, accompanied by his horse Jolly Jumper and his dog Rantanplan. 80 albums have appeared in the series so far, at first published by Dupuis Publishing, then from 1968 by Dargaud Publishing, and from 1999 by Lucky Comics (Egmont). Lucky Luke comics have been translated into 23 languages, including many European languages, some African and Asian languages.

About Achdé

Back in 1999 Achdé was discovered by Lucky Luke creator Morris. After Morris’ death in 2001 Achdé took over and continued the series. His first comic title was “The French Cook”, where he teamed up with Guy Vidal and started an adventure with various scenarists such as Laurent Gerra, Daniel Pennac, Tonino Benaquista and Jacques Pessis.

For 15 years Achdé worked with comic book publisher Dargaud on 13 albums of CRS=Détresse, where he sketched for Gilles Corre and later for Raoul Cauvin. Other works of Achdé include “one shot”, “Fort Braillard” for “Spirou”, “Woker” or “Big Twin”, the miniseries “Doc Véto” (3 editions) with texts from Godard or “La Esmeralda”, which he realises for Jean-Marc Stalner. During his time at Bamboo Achdé publishes “Les damnés de la route” and “Les hockeyeurs”, an adaption of his successful Canadian series, which he realized together with his son Mel.

Alongside the Lucky Luke series Achdé started to animate the new adventures of “Kid Lucky”, which is a funny prequel to the original series picturing the humorous past of the “poor lonesome cowboys”.

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