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The Story

AllStar: Not AllStars Are Bright is a 40-page comic written by Milan Kovacs with art by Kubert School alum Steve Fabian and colored by Tomi Varga of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles fame about a young boy called Jimmy Hand who’s being bullied at school by classmates and teachers alike. As an aspiring comic artist he tries to cope with his traumas by creating a superhero and a comic about him. Jimmy is off to a great start and begins getting better grades, making friends and standing up to himself and even others. But in real life everything is not so easy and soon he finds himself stuck between reality and fictionality. Come with us on his journey into adulthood!

The Goal

Tomi Varga studied at the prestigious Kubert School and was Kevin Eastman’s personal colorist for 4 years. He worked on all his covers and interiors. If you read a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic recently there is a big chance he worked on it. He will finish coloring all interior pages of the comic that is our main goal.
We have been around in the local small press circles for 6 years now, we do printing and fulfillment ourselves.

Limited rewards

There are limited rewards at much lower price points than their actual worth. If they are quick to back the campaign backers can get some sweet discounts.

The Creators

Milan Kovacs is a writer and publisher living and working in Hungary. He is the writer of the parody comic GOTTHEM, a collaboration with Hungarian artists Izsak Ambrus and Nora Vincze and Absoluto with Szabolcs Pal, also from Hungary. He is the founder of Cyan.Ninja which is a small press publishing company looking to expand internationally. Milan is also an avid collector of original comic art and travels around the world frequently to meet comic professionals and interview them at

Steve Fabian is a professional comic book artist living in Hungary. He has attended the prestigious Kubert School – located in the USA – in the mid 1990s. For the last few years he co-created and was an artist on the historical-fantasy comic called Dark Age: The Shaman’s Legacy available on Comixology. Recently he started self-publishing his own comic stories and illustrates for various mediums: internet blogs, printed magazines, etc.

Varga Tomi is a Hungarian comic book artist and colorist. He graduated from The Kubert School in 2015. Since then he has been working as colorist and artist for various publishers, most notably IDW and A Wave Blue World. He was Kevin Eastman’s colorist for 4 years and he worked on over 100 covers Kevin illustrated for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, as well as interiors for his books Fistful of Blood, Target R and Drawing Blood. He has drawn and colored a full length graphic novel adaptation of The Phantom of the Opera.

Armin Krausz is a 14-year-old short track speed skater and comic fan. He started collecting comics 3 years ago and his favourite is Batman. Armin did all the kid drawings in AllStar.

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  • Page count: 44 inc. cover
  • Color: full color
  • Dimensions: 158×235 mm (6.22×9.25”)
  • Cover stock: thick 300 g (160 lb) matte paper
  • Interior pages: 115 g (32 lb) matte paper
  • Binding: saddle-stitched

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Our publisher internationally is the newly founded Cyan.Ninja (www.Cyan.Ninja).

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