28th Łódź Comics Festival, Poland

For the 28th occasion Poland’s biggest and best comics festival in  came up with an absolute winner guest: !

They also have an amazing roster of British and of course Polish talents namely  Bisley the artist behind Lobo and the amazing Doom Patrol covers,  both art lover and amazing artist,  co-creator of V for Vendetta and  concept and storyboard artist of the hit Game of Thrones TV series.

From the Polish artist front the biggest star is Grzegorz Rosiński, artist of Thorgal. But the organizers of this massive festival didn’t stop there and invited the always controversial US artist , writer-artist of series like Black Kiss and the now-running The Divided States Of Hysteria, they also have French artist Achdé the current artist of with many more and some still to be announced.

This festival is a force to reckon with so head on to their website and buy your tickets immediately for 15-17 September 2017!

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