The Last Arrival fantasy comic on Kickstarter by Daniel A. Prim

Planet C’adaei is on the verge of destruction by an unknown force. A team of five desperately flee their planet in an attempt to find a new habitable home. Although they have conflicting feelings about their mission, they have to come together to encounter a planet full of mystery on the other side of the galaxy.

The Last Arrival has been made by the UK/Hungarian team Free Fantasy Comics known for their work in a wide variety of genres from horror/thriller to kids comics. Their new book The Last Arrival is a science fantasy with a high emphasis on characters and themes.

The first issue is 40 pages long and it costs 7 pounds with free shipping. The comic is finished and ready for printing, everyone who pledged their support can get their copy by November. Within the Kickstarter campaign you can also get a T-shirt, a digital artbook containing hundreds of unused concept arts and a limited edition sketch cover edition made by the artist.

The Last Arrival Page 5
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